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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ren Faire

I went to the Ren Faire today. The total group that went was: me, Jessy, Laura, T, JR, Brooke, and the rest of Lar & T's family.
It was pretty fun. Brooke was pretty much an angel the entire day (she know's my name now *gasp!*) and we saw some definate "kilt legs". Let's see a big *DROOL* for men in kilts!
Ooooh, and I got some swag! I ended up with a flower wreath, a new claddah ring (to replace my old, broken one), and a sexay stilletto dagger. I've gotta start saving this year if I wanna have enough cash to get garb at next years faire... but eventually I will have garb!
... at Jess's right now. I'm taking advantage of the laptop's wireless connection to her DSL. *hehe* I love DSL!
...I wonder if I could talk Drew into buying a kilt?


Thursday, May 26, 2005


... Julia wrote that. For those who don't know, Julia is one of my ratties. Andrew's got her out on the bed while I'm playing on the laptop. She's so cute!
Life's been pretty good. I have discovered happiness... and it's name? Whole Foods
That place rocks! They have just about everything it would seem.
Also, don't ever get the "Just Mushrooms"... not so much with the yummy making. But, soy ice cream is the shiznits.


Saturday, May 21, 2005


I got a perscribtion (sp?) for something called Naproxen. It's an antiinflamatory and pain releaver that my doc gave me for my wrist.
Problem is that it says on the bottle that you have to take it with food and water, and that it might cause dizzyness or drowsyness. I really don't wanna eat that much right now cus I'm feeling kinda poo-ish and I really don't need to be dizzy or drowsy.
I hate pills... well, except for that little white pill that I take every morning to keep me from getting preggers, that one I don't mind.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Diets and sore wrists

My carple tunnel is acting up again! *yarg* It hasen't done this in MONTHS!
The vegan diet that I agreed to try with snldistrict is going pretty well. I even managed to find vegan friendly foods while eating out with friends.
Don't you hate when you have a thought and you think "I have to post that on my diary/blog/lj/ect...", then when you sit down in front of the computer the thought has long vacated your brain? Yup, that has just happened to me...


Thursday, May 19, 2005


So, I've decided to take the challange. I'm going vegan. An online friend of mine wanted a buddy to try it with him, so here it goes.
I've wanted to try going vegan for awhile, but I've been lazy...
Here's hoping!


Friday, May 13, 2005

Oh no! Friday the 13th come on a...Friday? Damn...

The quote above is from Pogo, an old comic strip that my mom loves!
So, work was hell today. I'm not superstious, but perhaps it had something to do with today being a Friday... and it also being the 13th... you get the idea.
I got some online stuff done today. Started to update The Page 'O Doom. Plus, I finally put my KiTTiE fansite, Paperdoll Whores, to rest... it was for the best, really. I had nowhere to go with it anymore.
But, on to the Page 'O Doom... I got rid of dead links, cleaned up some of the older stuff that I just really had no use for. I'm hoping to get some of my mom's picture discs so that I can get my new pics online... and a wedding album, too!

Monday, May 09, 2005

...and it was all going so well

Today started out SO well! Drew and I slept in, then we took our sweet time getting dressed and out the door. There were only two things that needed to get done today. We needed to go see Josh and his mom, and I needed my laundry done. Since my mother is right in the neighborhood, we decided to go to her place to get that taken care of.
Some of you who know my mother may have heard her talking about her neighbor, Tim. Tim is your typical south city hoosier. He drinks entirly to much and has absolutly no respect for women.
Well, Mom and Tim have not had a very nighborly relatioship lately. He believes that the side of the basement that he and my mother are suppossed to share belongs to him. So, he feels no problem in unplugging her washer, using her electrical outlets, and just generaly putting his crap where ever he feels it should go.
But, on to the events of the day. Drew and I got to my mom's and put my load of laundry in the washer. I was not surprised (but, annoyed) to find it unplugged, yet again. I also noticed that there was a matress sitting in the middle of the room, that had not been there last time I was in the basment. So, we plugged the washer back in and were on our way to Josh's.
We had a really good time with Josh and his mom. We all socialized (Drew and Josh mainly played on their laptops) and his mom and I talked jewlery.
But, eventually it was time to go switch the laundry. This time, not only was the washer unplugged again, but there was a strange woman sleeping on the mattress. I got pissed. We got my clothes into the dryer and I stormed out, slamming the door on my way out.
Tim comes out and asks, "Is there a problem?" I tell him, "I have nothing to say to you." It should have been left at that, but of course Tim is an asshole so he coulden't let a woman get the last word in. So, he says, "I wanted to talk to the man anyway."
Wrong answer. I let into him. I told him that is was not his washer to unplug, that he did not own the building, Mr. Link does, and Mr. Link will definantly know about this. He started yelling ramdom shit, and I called him a prick, and we drove off.
I was livid by the time we got back to Josh's. I called Mom to warn her that Tim would be on the warpath. I really didn't mean to go off like that, and I think I just made the situation worse. Tim just pushed the right buttons, I guess.
When Drew went back to get my clothes Tim ambushed him at the door. His question to Drew was, "Why do let her talk to people like that?" Drew's response, "She's her own person, I can't tell her what to do."
Tim also got to Mom when she got home (as I expected that he would) telling her that that I shouldn't talk to people like that and that I run Drew and that I shouldn't be running him like that. Mom told him, "That's my daughter and son-in-law and I don't have to listen to this" and she slammed the door in his face. Go Mom!
So, now my mother is packing up and looking for a new apartment, and I am going to start doing my laundry over at my in law's house.
Why do I have to keep telling off assholes?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I hate stupid people...

Especially on the bus. Today I decided to take the bus home from instead of walking (which I could have definantly used, but I was tired and sore after my 7 hour shift). When I got on there were two black gentlemen having a conversation in the back. I paid them no mind, as it wasn't my conversation to insert myself into. I started to notice, however, that an older white man (who I shall REFUSE to call a gentleman) was getting more and more adjitated as the ride went on. I started to listen closer, and the two men in the back were discussing their heritage. One of them was saying "I've been called a negro, nigger, African American... but I'm Black".
This must has displeased the white man in the front, becuase he started yelling "Hey, I'm white!". The driver tried to calm him saying "Let it go man, just let it go..." But, I doupt that the man up front walk take any advise from someone that was not white, and since this man's skin was considerably darker than his...
Let it go, he would not... He started going on about how if they could talk about being black, he could talk about being white. The he incoherently started saying something about "Stupid Niggers" (even though I'm typing it as a quote, it makes me cringe).
Thank the gods that by this time it was time for me to get off the bus. As I was headed off the driver said to me "You must be really glad to be getting off this bus". My response? I turned to the white man on the front of the bus and said "You're not white, you're ignorant".
I'm sure he wasen't to happy about that, but all I could hear as I was getting off the bus was the driver laughing.
...and the two black gentalmen in the back? They didn't say a word to the man up front. Thus, further proving my point.

Friday, May 06, 2005

This is the life....

Sitting in bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows and Green Day playing on my boom-box... *sighs*
Plus, we have a lead on a new apartment and new potental roommate situations... and cold Diet Coke in the fridge? Oh, hell yes, this rocks!
I'm starting to wonder what I'm going to do tonight. Maybe I'll stay in and watch some dvd's, or I could call people and try to get out the house. Ehe, Even if I wanted to go out I'd have to find someone with a car who has a free night, and I doupt that'll happen, unless I wanted to take the bus somewhere... *shudders*
The Dresden Dolls concert was last night. They put on a really good show, and the audience was nothing short of entertaining. However, the opening act left something to be desired. Andrew described them like this "They're about as good as irate badgers in my shorts." They were some kind of fuax German-esqe industrial duo that called themselfs the "Thoecats". Amazinly enough, a good number of the audience members actually responded to them. Perhaps the were just angsty-goth enough.

*~And now, in response to Mouseka's post about Webcomics awareness day~*

I only have a handful of webcomics that I read on a semi-regular basis, but here is goes:

Penny Arcade: I've been reading this one since 2000. Maninly alot of videogame related humor, but even if you don't play alot of video games you can appreciate alot of the off-beat and often times crude humor. Plus, you'd be surprised at just how much you can pick up on from just dating (or, in my case, being married to) a video game nerd.

PVP: Another video game based comic. This one take place at a video game magazine called,of all things, PVP. I just started reading this one this past year and have quickly grown attatched.

8-Bit Theatre: This one takes place in the world of the first 8-bit Final Fantasy. It cronicles the misadventure of the four suppossed "light warriors". Once again, you don't have to be into video games to appreciate this one.

Red vs. Blue: Probably the best known of the webcomics that I've listed today. Takes place in the Halo world. Animated using the actual "Halo" gamescreens. You can now pick up Season 1 of RedVsBlue in stores now.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have two words for you...

... Lap Top...