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Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday party

Jess had her anual Holiday Party last night. Much fun was had, and much was eaten and drank.
On to the pics!!!

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Jess REALLY like her present from me!

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Bethany's getting HUGE! Notice the giant sandwitch in the backround? That was gone by the end of the night.

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T seems somewhat confused by the situation...

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Present time with Kristen!

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Hi, Vickie!

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Brooke with the fluffy thing.

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Katie helping Brooke with her loot.

Aren't my friends awsome? I got some really nifty stuff out of the evening. Such as:
-A Nightmare Before Christmas wooden calender and "I *heart* Being Awsome" button from Vickie
-A "Shit Happens" poster from Katie
-Cookies and Apple butter from Kristen (yum!)
-Candy, booze, and a mug from Lar
-Animaniacs Vol. 2 and a PENNY ARCADE!!!! book from Jess. I *heart* her so hardcore!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's over!

Now that the Holidays are over and life can go back to normal let me ask...

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was pretty cool. I got's kewl shit...

Da List of L00t:
Digital Camera
Dresden Dolls t-shirt/hoodieiPod stereo
SNL: The Best Of Christopher Walken dvd
Stealing Beauty dvd
Best Buy gift card

I LOOOOOOVE my new camera! It's so tiny and takes awsome pics. Like These:
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Teh new shirt O' awsomeness.

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My "Chets". Since I'm too cheap to buy Chucks.
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Sam, pretending to be dead (he's so cute!)
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Festavas!

I hope everyone's enjoying their Holiday, I know I am!

I'll post more later, but for now...

Happy Holidaze!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Julie Update

So, yesturday Jess drove me up to Webster Groves Animal Hospital to get Julie looked at. Turns out that the blood was actualy coming from Julie's bowels... I don't even understand how the blood could be coming from the bowels and be coming out of the vaginal opening. But, I'm not the expert here, so I'll believe the vet.

It's probably a bacterial infection, according to the vet. So, we now have antibiotics and something else that suppossed to coat the bowels to help them heal better. Julie also got her first multivitamin shot. Poor little girl is sooo not happy with me!

She goes back in tomarrow for a follow up visit. Hopefully everything will be improving, cus if it's not then there's a good chance that there could be something even more serious going on, and no one wants that.

Remember the Flogigng Molly conecert that I was talking about last entry? Well, I got the date wrong. It's February 28th, NOT the 19th.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Julie's got an appointment at Webster Groves Animal Hospital tomarrow. They have a small animal specialist there, so yay! I haven't noticed any more blood on Julie today, but I'm still worried. Whe I read "liver disease" on the potential causes list my heart fell. Liver failure is what killed Faye, Julie's sister.

Much thanks to Jess for driving me tomarrow. You rock and I love your sexy ass sooooo much!

...and on to more shit (and more reason's that I feel like I'm going to have a nervious breakdown any day now)...

My period never came this last cycle, still hasen't. Four EPT tests have stated that I'm not pregnate... and for my sanity's sake I'm choosing to believe them. Honestly, there's so many potential reason's that I didn't get it, such as:
-My hormones being messed with by my birth control pills
-Stress (tho I haven't been any more stressed than usual)
-Cysts or tumors (eep)
-I didn't ovulate this past month (double eep)
So, I'm freaking out slightly. My insurence dosen't kick in till the first of the year, so I'm going to have to wait a little bit to see a doctor, which pisses me off.

...and on a happier note...
Flogging Molly is coming to Pop's February 28th! Anyone wanna go with me???

Monday, December 18, 2006


Julie's bleeding from her vagina... According to rat health sites, it's probably a urinary tract infection... but it could also possiably be liver disease or a tumor. I'm going to take her to the vet the first chace I get.

I'm so worried...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's about time...

Tonight was the Home Depot holiday party. It was pretty dull and the free food was blah (but at least it was free). Andrew bid on a coffee themed gift basket and won, and I got a kick ass door prize.

I won a HP printer/scanner/copier!!! Wooo! Finally, working for Home Depot pays off in more ways than a paycheck...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yup, another one!

So, Drew went out of town yesturday and today to help his mom move his sister's stuff back to town. Meaning that I was all by my lonesome for quite longer than usual. Seeing that Jess and I both had THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY OFF and it was payday, we decided that it was time for girlie fun!

...and we happed to stop by Cheap Trx...
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New hole, wooooooooo!!!!!! I think it's super cute (it's the 4th one from the bottom if you're wondering) and I can't wait to show Drew when he gets back.

Still rockin'!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


So, my hubby graduated yesturday. I'm so proud! He was also Salutatorian for his class!!!! I cried when they called his name, mostly because no one knew! He didn't even find out till that day that he was Salutatorian. My hunny's so smart!

Congrats, hun! I love you!

In other news, TWO out of my three pairs of jeans decided to die on me. So, Drew, Mom, and I made a Target trip today. I got one pair of jeans (the only pair that I could find in my size *grrr*), a cute pair of Chuck look-a-like sneeks, and hair color. I think I'm going to stick with the blonde for now. I like it for now... Tho, I am considering trying brunette next.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

She's home!

We brought the baby rattie home Wendsday night! After some discussion we setteled on the name "Leelah". I think it suits her...
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(I apologize for the crap photo quality. She won't hold still! Hyper little thing...)

So, I'm super excited about her, and I think that she's one of the most adorable little girls that I've ever seen.

...in other news...

Mom fell last night on our neighbor's sidewalk and sprained her ankle. So, Drew and I took her to the e.r. Poor Mom's probably gonna be laid up for the next few days. Positive vibes sent her way would be appreciated.

Also, my bubby's the sweetest ever! *loves*