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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Granfather passed away at 6 pm last night. I think I'm more at peace with it now. I still wish that I had known him better, but at least I knew him, right?


Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm not doing well. I just found out today that my grandpa's dieing, and I can't be there untill he goes probably. I feel so worthless and helpless... I should be there, I NEED to be there.
I hardly know the man, and it's all my fault. I should have called more, should have written more letters.
We probably won't be able to get there untill the middle of this week, since they're in Iowa, and we're in Missouri.
But, I just off the phone with my Grandma and she said that it looks like he's probably going to go tonight...
I don't know what to do. I wish that I knew him better. I wish that there were more time.


New member of the family

In a crazy fit of cuteness and insanity, I got another rattie. At first Andrew was (understandably) not thrilled, but I think he's warming up to the idea.
After all, how can you not love this adoriable little face?
I introduce to you, Gaz! Oh, and for those of you who were wondering this makes our current rattie count 2 boys and three girls.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005


I had my Walgreens interview. They made me pee in a cup... -_- Losers... I probably have the job, but I may not take it. Want to know why?
I've been "almost promised" a job at the Science Center. I'll be acting in the Titanic exibit. That means I'll be dressed in period costume and everything! It's gonna kick ass. I have my interview there Monday.
So, yay for Von! I go from no job to two potential jobs!
*dances* I totaly kick ass!
So, I think we have a mouse in our room. Andrew's gonna put out some traps to get rid of them. *pouts* I wish we didn't have to, it seems so mean. But, we don't want them getting near our ratties and potentialy getting the rats sick. I don't know if Ed could stand getting sick again. My poor Ed baby...


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Forget it

I was gonna post about how awseom the NIN concert was last night. But, it dosen't matter.
None of this shit matters.
I'm just so tired...
Maybe I should go back to sleep?


Friday, October 14, 2005

Looking up perhaps?

Andrew and I went out for a little bit today. When we came home no one was there and there was a message on the machine. It was from Lindsey at Walgreens. I put an application in there last week, and Lindsey was calling to see if I was interested in a position. So, I called her back and we set up an interview for Thursday at noon.
So, if you all could keep your fingers crossed for me (or pray, if that's your thing)?
I really hope I get this job! Andrew and I really need the money.

Nine Inch Nails with Mom tonight!!! It's gonna be awsome!


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Beautiful Sunday

...and to think, I thought today was going to be dull...
Andrew and I got out of bed at about eleven today. In a rare twist of fate, he had the day off (he typically opens the department on Sundays). Seeing as that my brother, Josh, stayed over last night, our first order of business was to drop him off at home. After doing that and grabbing some much needed coffee, we headed over to take a look at the new Target.
Well, it's not really a "new" Target. It's more like they tore down an old one and replaced it with an Uber-Target. This place was HUGE! It has under and above ground parking, and food court, and a freaking STARBUCKS! It's like the bastard love child of a Target and a shopping mall! So, I was impressed.
We soon grew tired of Target (we're kinda broke, ya know), so it was looking like we were going to go home. But, on our way there we were distracted by a tent outside of Wherehouse Music. Turns out they were having some kind of clearence/tent sale. I found nothing worthwhile on the CD racks, but I totaly lucked out on some body jewlery! I got about $60 worth of jewlery for a little over $8. It kicked major ass!
So, once again it was looking like we were going home. I wasen't to happy with the idea, since it was such a great day out, but I coulden't think if anything else to do. But, in another rare occurence, Andrew surprised me...
He took me to the zoo! We haven't been there since before we started dating, and the last time we were there was not to fun. But, today was great. We just walked around for about 2 1/2 hours, looking at animals and cracking jokes. We even got into a staring match with a Gazelle. I totaly won. It was awsome!!!
All I ask is that we have a few more days like today before I get a new job and have to work all the time. Please?


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fleas be gone!

This was a fun morning for our boys. Shortly after Andrew and I woke up, we dragged the boys upstairs into the kitchen. Gir was the first to be put into the sink. His first reaction was to try to jump out. As I started lathering him up his next reaction was to poo in the sink. Fun times!
Then, it was Ed's turn. He pretty much had the same reaction as Gir. He tried to escape, and then when escape seemed impossiable, he poo'd. Poor babys!
After they were done with their bath, we put them into our spare, little cage. We still needed to clean out thier big cage.
The big cage was cleaned, but was it time for the boys to go home yet? No... it was time for...

They're both back in thier home now. I'm sure they'll have as much fun when we have to do this again in seven days.


Monday, October 03, 2005

I dunno...

Your Rising Sign is Taurus

You are the ultimate rock - stable and centered.

People turn to you in crisis and count on you for calm.

Stubborn and strong minded, you can't be pushed around.

You are also tenacious, and you always will stick with something difficult.

A bit fan of nature, you're attracted to the beauty of the outdoors.

And sometimes, you find it easier to relate to animals than people.

Some of this sounds like it could be pretty dead on. 'Cept for that whole being stable and centered thing.
Still a leo till the bitter end though!


Now Ed and Gir both have fleas! Can't the little guy catch a break?!?!?!


Sunday, October 02, 2005

I have a dwarf, and I know how to use him!

Andrew and I went out on a date today. It was great. We saw "The Corpse Bride" and had dinner at Pho Grand.
I really enjoyed Corpse Bride. I think that's because I went in there with the attitude of "it's not going to be another Nightmare Before Christmas", and I was right. Was it a fun movie? Yes, I found myself laughing at quite a few moments. Was it as good as Nightmare? No, but it's hard to live up to a movie like that.
My rattie, Ed, is sick again. We think it's a respritory infection, again. When Ed was a baby he lived through pnumomia. It really took a toll on him though. We found out that there's some herbs that we can give him to strenghen his imune system and help his respritory system, so we're giving him those now. I really hope he starts to get better... if not, it's a trip to the vet for Ed (which we really can't afford *yipes*).
I checked out the classifides today, and I found a few childcare positions that look promising. I don't know how I would like working with kids, but if I do this it would be good practice for when I have children of my own.
Here's hoping!