A walking study in demonology

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I don't know what the problem is...

...but all I wanna do right now is self-destruct.
Keep your fingers crossed for me?


Did you know?

That my father compleatly forgot about my birthday this year? Yay for delayed reactions!
Well, if he remembered, he certanly didn't do anything about it...

Fuck him.

Friday, August 26, 2005

I met the next best thing to Jesus!

Last night was great! Mom, Beth, Andrew, and myself all got to attend Bruce Don't-Call-Me-Ash Campbell's signing for his new book "Making Love* *The Bruce Campbell Way". Along with the book we got to see the grand openeing for Bruce's new movie "The Man With The Screaming Brain"

Andrew got a copy of the new book, and I got a copy of his first book "If Chins Could Kill; Confessions Of A B Movie Actor". We both got our books signed! I was so nervious, that by the time I got up to meet him, I coulden't think of anything to say.

There was also a a q & a session before the movie. There were alot of strange questions, and a few that weren't really questions. The best example goes as follows:
Audience Member: "Yes, I tried making love the Bruce Campbell way... and I ended up hurting myself..."
Bruce Campbell: "So, what are you trying to say?"
AM: "I'm going to be sueing you soon"
BC: "Well, why don't you go fuck yourself?"

That man is a god!

Totaly clueless as to who Bruce Campbell is? No biggie... I'll explain to the best of my abilites (if I end up getting a little to pretentious here, sorry).

Bruce is the star of (and best known for) the Evil Dead trilogy. His character, Ash, is the hero of this cheese fest. Now, I say cheese fest in the most loving way!

He was also "Autolycus-King Of Thieves" on the television series "Hercules" and "Xena".
I could go into more, but this awsome-ly bad b-movie actor has been involved in too much to name!

Click here to see a list of close to everything he's done.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wild ratlets

So, Andrew and I were down in our room today, just hanging out. Then, his mom called us up for dinner. Andrew was closer to the door, and when he stood up to go upstairs I saw him stop, look at the floor, and say "Whoa! Hello there."
Then he said "Check the cages"
I stood up, looked at our rattie cages (they were all acounted for), and then looked at the floor. Sitting there was a pale brown rat, about the size of one of our girlie rats.
We think it may have been sick, because when Andrew moved towards it, it didn't move. Any wild rat would have run away... unless it was someone's pet who got loose. *gulps* I certanly hope that's not the case!
Luckly Andrew had a wicker trashcan that was not in use right next to him. He turned the trashcan upside down on the poor ratlet, slid a piece of cardboard underneath, and we carried the rattie outside. We released the scarred rattie outside right next to the dumpster.
I hope our rat stranger friend is ok now...


Monday, August 22, 2005

Girls day!!!

Went to Six Flags with Jess and Beth yesturday. Good times, my friends, good times.
We stayed for about seven hours, rode the rides, ate Dippin Dots, and people watched. After the park fun we went back to Jess' for vegging out. Pj's, pizza, ice cream... it was nice.
I know now that I'm totaly out of shape. Just the seven hours at the park yesturday wore me out both last night and today. I woke up at noon, had lunch with Mom and Andrew, then when we came home I crashed. I fell into bed at about 3:30, didn't actually get out of bed again until 6:30-ish.
I'm still trying to wake up. Who knows if that will actually happen.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lookie what I got...

Wedding pics!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Power! We have power!
At 9:40 this morning I was woken up by our lights and fan coming on. I was so releaved that I woke Andrew up to let him know.
So, it was later than we expected (big surprise), but we're definantly a modern household now.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

I hate U.E.!

I hope everyone's ok after that crazy storm that we had yesturday. I was at the Galleria with my mother in law while most of it went on. But, when we got home, we were without power.
We're still without power... first we were suppossed to have it on by 5 o'clock tonight, now they're saying 2:45 tomarrow morning.
The last time Andrew's family lost power (about a year ago, actually) they were without it for three days.
You would think that Amerin U.E. would have a better system set up than this. But, you would be thinking wrong.
Thank goodness the laptop had a full battery before the power went off... otherwise I'd be without the internet and going crazy.
I should go now, before I use all the battery life on this thing. At this rate, who knows when we'll get to charge it again.


Friday, August 12, 2005

40 hours of work, and smelly boys

*blah* I'm so tired. I'm just not used to a 40 hour work week anymore. Too much time spent being a lazy bum, I guess.
Working was ok... really boring, but so easy! All I was doing was stacking and sorting papers. But, I was allowed to watch TV and talk on my cell phone while I did so, so that kicked ass! I told my mother in law that if she needs me to do that for another week I would do it.
*w00t!* Watching Felicity rereuns on cable. I forgot just how much I love that show.
I wanna go out tonight, but no one is able to hang out. Bummer...
Maybe I'll just B.S. with my mother in law. She's fun...
Or, I could clean the rat cages... yuck! But, the boys are starting to get stinky.


Monday, August 08, 2005


The family meeting went well. Only one person got upset, and that was my mother in law. So, I'm releaved.
Work is going well. It's kinda boring, but at least I can talk on my cell phone and watch t.v. I woulden't be able to get away with that anywhere else.
...and to the one person that cares, I'm still not using spell check. It just ain't gonna happen.


Saturday, August 06, 2005


I don't know whats wrong with me, but everything has me convinced that everyone hates me. I think Andrew's family is just plain tired of me... not that I can blame them. All I do is sit on my ass and watch t.v.
Well, I did manage to get out of the house yesturday. Beth (Andrew's sister) and I went down to the loop and hung out for a while. It was fun. We went to Starbucks, walked around, ate mexican food, and bought T.S. Eliot books! Well, she bought them actually, one for me, and one for her. I got "Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats" and I don't remember the one that she got. Trivia time! My Eliot book is the one that inspired the Andrew Loyd Webber musical, Cats. Actually the book more than inpired the musical, all the lyrics (exept for Memory) were taken word for word from the T.S. Eliot poems.
Bonus time! The ilistrations in the book were done by none other than Edward Gorey! Love him!
Acording to Beth I'm an intilecual. I am more inclined to say "No" to that. But, than again, she and Andrew both think that I don't give myself enough credit. Maybe they're right. Or, perhaps they're just trying to be nice.
Family meeting tomarrow... gah! I don't wanna know what the issue is! Then again, I'm paraniod that it's me... going right back to the "everyone hates Von" issue. I know I'm over-reacting, but the last time we had a family meeting was right before Andrew and I moved in... it did not go well and more than one person ended up crying by the end of it.
I should take this time to state that I know I'm being overly sensitive and paraniod, but I've been felling very "low man on the totem pole"ish lately. I can't explain why either.
I'm working next week. The company that my mother in law works for needs someone to assemble catalogs for a week. So, since I still haven't heard back from Wash. U. I'm going to take the oprotunity for some extra cash.