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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Got my ears lowered...

...and now I have pictures of it! Jessie's camera phone has been a good friend to me lately... maybe when I upgrade my phone I'll get a nifty camera phone like her's.
check it
and again
Ain't I cute?
Also, for my b-day I gots a gift card for Cheep Trx from my in-law's. The amount of money was just enough for a tragus piercing. So, my thirst for a new puncture wound has been satisfied... for now. Don't know what a tragus ring is?
I got other kick ass swag for my b-day. Jess gave me a new B.O.B., Andrew got me the Alanis Jaggid Little Pill acoustic cd, and my mumsy gave me another session on my tattoo (if you were to see it now, you'd swear it was done. But, alas, it is not), two bottles of booze (butter shots and apple pucker *w00t!*), and BRITISH Cadburry choccy bars! They're SO much better than the stuff that we get on this side of the river.
So, all and all, I made out pretty well. Hopefully going to be going out with Andrew and the girls this Saturday. *crosses fingers*


Sunday, July 24, 2005


Happy birthday to me...
I need to go get booze.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

*vroom* *vroom* Race car!

So, guess what we're getting. Done guessing? No, it's not a pony... sheesh, were you even trying?
A car!!! A '97 Ford Taurus, in green.
The best part, Andrew's parents are picking up the tab for it. Since they gave his brother their old car, and helped his sister out with college last year, they figured that it would only be fair to get the car for Andrew.
The best part, it's an automatic, so I can DRIVE IT!!!


Monday, July 18, 2005

Tasty cable...

I'm back. Most of our things are at the new place, but we still have some things (mainly funiture) at our old apartment.
Things are... ok. I'm still going through the "I'm a loser who lives in her in-laws basement" issues.
I need to unpack...
I don't wanna unpack...
I think I'm gonna watch some cable instead...


Thursday, July 14, 2005

*crossing my fingers*

I applied for a job at the Washington University library today. It's for a shelving position. Full time, benifits, paid vacation... I hope I get it!
This would such a great thing for Andrew and I...
Wish me luck!

...just to lighten the mood around here...

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You're Bettie Page!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

*insert stream of obscenities here*

The insurence company totaled our car. Our Saturn... the "Centenial Condor"... the "girl" car... she's gone. Poor Andrew, he's really upset. I am too, but he's the one who drove the car (I never could, she's a stick shift).
When we decided that we were ready for kids, that was gonna be our family car...
I am sadened... deeply.
Now we're looking for new cars. I don't want a new car!

In other non-car related news, we're moving, real soon. Probably this Saturday. So much packing to get done!!!

Oh, and I found out a funny thing today. While visiting with Lar and T's parent's this evening (we were there to pick up boxes, ended up staying for much more, as per usual) we discovered that my chiropractor, Dr. Brust, goes to the same church as Mr. & Mrs. B!
Small world...


Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Andrew called me late last night. He had just been in a pretty bad car accedent...
He's ok, thank the gods. The car's pretty beat up.
He was on the highway and a driver in front of him spun out. He swerved to aviod her, and since the roads were wet he lost traction. Then, another driver hit him.
The driver that started the whole thing drove off. So, we're going to have to do all the repairs through our insurence company.
If we ever find the other driver, we're sueing.
But, he's ok... at least he's ok...


Friday, July 08, 2005

The end of an era...

Two entries in one day! *w00t*
I forgot to mention the other big event that happened yesturday...
The last day of my McJob! Due to my ever increasing stress and the impending move to U-City I decided to quit McDonalds. Not to mention that I hated that frickin job...
Once we get moved I'll look for a new job. Possiably something in the Loop, if I can find it.
But, untill then I'm going to pack up the apartment and recover.
*looks around the bedroom and cries* Packing's gonna suck!!!


"The power has obviously gone to your head"

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you will go to a concert and the opening act will impress you. I was so fortunite last night. Well, at least halfway fortunate.
Andrew and I went to see Billy Corgan last night. My Billy! While all the other girls in High School were drooling over N'Sync and other guys of that sort, I was busy writing Billy Corgan's name all over by notebooks. I was a strange one, I know.
There were two opening acts last night. Doris Henson, the first act, was the fortunate one, the good one. After thier set I was left sitting at our table wishing that I had the $15 to go buy thier cd. That will have to wait though, there's always online ordering.
The Crimea was the second act. It's not that they weren't talented, they just didn't know which direction to take that talent. They would switch back and fourth between pretentious and depressing, to so goofy and lighthearted that they got annoying. By the end of the set I was wishing that I was watching the Theocrats again (don't get the reference? go here).
Then, it was time for my Billy! I haven't seen an audenice that hyped in a long time! Every time something would happen on stage, a guitar getting set up, a curtan getting moved, the audience would cheer and shout. They must have had it planned... we were sitting in suspence for so long that when the house lights dimmed and the stage light up my heart jumped a little.
Finally, my Billy came onto the stage. He looked awsome in a gray shirt, black slacks, and ass-kicker boots. With his bald head shining in all of it's glory he proceded to rock my friggin socks off! With an equaly rockin light show to match, I might add. The feeling in the room was increadable and I thought I was going to burst from happiness.
After going through the entire tracklist from "The Future Embrace" (his first solo effort, and the album that the tour was promoting) and two encours, Billy came out to talk to the audience.
"This is the life that I've chosen", he said, "and there are times that I question it. But, after shows like this you guys have reafirmed the faith in my career." In response to this the crowd roared. Then he promised that "The next time I come to town and I'm playing the Enormo-Dome, I'm going to be crushing you all into the ground with the metal!" This got the crowd going even louder than before. Even though, none of us were really sure what it ment.
But, I like to think that it means that he's going back to his heavier roots, by getting the old band back together. If that's the case, expect me to be camping out for Smashing Pumpkins tickets.