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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Holy crap, it's short!!!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day Off, yay!

Days off kick ass!
I got a talking to from my department head and assistant department head the other day. They don't think I'm working hard enough. Oh well, fuck 'em. I'll step up my performance, blow them outta the water, and in the meantime I'll start looking for positions in different departments or other jobs.
I actualy like my department head. I think he's a good guy. However, I can't stand the assitant, and he's the one that I work with the most. He's a slimey little jerk who dosen't seem to have the words "Please" and "Thank You" in his vocabulary. He also acts like the worlds biggest ass kisser when the department head is around. But, for now I just have to deal with him.
I took Gaz and Julie out today and let them play around on the bed. They found one of Drew's shirts and had alot of fun sniffing it and burrowing around in it.
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...and then Drew came home and Gaz got some Daddy time. She's such a daddy's girl.
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Last week Ashley and I hung out (finally!). I got some kick ass boots at the thrift store for only $7! They'll go great for my Halloween costume. Now I just need to find the rest of the items for it. This means more thirft store adventures, woo!
...and just for fun, I'll throw this one in...

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

*gasp* It's done!

It only took me two years, but I finally finished my Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo!
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It's still all gross and swollen. I'll take another pic when it's healed up a bit more.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sooo pissed!!!

Andrew and I went to the movies tonight. We hardly ever go to the movies, so when we do, we try to make sure that it's a movie that is worth the money.

Pirates Of The Carribian 2 was NOT worth the money. I don't think I've been this mad at a movie since Underworld... or maybe Garden State...


Saturday, August 05, 2006


Worst... Battleship... Game... EVER!!!

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

I can't seem to put it aside.

"And as I wash my hands of you
I will not forgiveThe scars that run so deep
Down my heart
Bearing your name "

From this poem. I can't seem to put aside all the pain that this man has caused me. Without him, I would not be here... Yet, I can't forgive him.
I would love to be one of those "Daddy's Girls" who are so confident about thier place in their father's hearts. But, I supose it's not ment to be. After all, the stepmother was there first (it shoulden't have been that way) and as long as she's around, he'll always take her side. Did I ever mention what a bitch she was during the time that I was Iowa for my grandfather's funeral? She coulden't put her shit aside for two fucking days and let me mourn my grandfather's passing in peace!
He keeps popping in every few months to remind me that he still exists, which I suppose I should be greatful for. But, it makes me more bitter with every occurence. How am I suppossed to forget that he took the stepmother's side when she threw a hissy fit right before my wedding? Or, the fact that while he remembered my birthday this year, he made no explaination of his abscense for my birthday last year or last Christmas.
I want to cut all ties, honestly. But, I can't seem to tell him to "fuck off" during those every other month encounters. This last time that he popped up I actualy said to my mother "I wish he would make up his mind. Is he going to disapear for good, or stay put?"
But, on the bright side, I know that it will make me appreciate the wonderful father that Andrew is destened to be.