A walking study in demonology

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Life has been not so zesty lately. Andrew and I are more broke than we realized, so we're not going to be able to get the apartment that we were gonna get with Jess. Instead we get to live with.... (insert drumroll here)
ANDREW'S PARENT'S! Every newlyweds dream, right? Not to offend anyone (*ahem* T...), but after living on my own, moving in with the inlaws is the last thing on my list of fun.
Also, last week I put in my two weeks at the McJob. It finally got to me, and I caved. July 7th is my last day. I plan on being unemployed for a little while in a desperate attempt to save my sanity.
Gah! I read what I just wrote and I sound like a totaly ungrateful bitch. Really, Andrew's parent's are helping us out in a big way by letting us move in, and I totaly apreciate that.
I just wish that it haden't come to this.
I'm such a failure...


Monday, June 27, 2005


Three months since the wedding.
Now a whole year since our first date.
Time sure does pass when your having... fun? No, more than fun, it's love. Since before the first date it's been love.
He's my world...


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Come one, come all!

Pridefest is this Saturday and Sunday in Tower Grove Park. I'm gonna be there Saturday. Anyone else going?


Monday, June 20, 2005

The doctor beat me up!

So, I finally got to a doctor today! A chiropractor actually... Aparently I'm more messed up than I thought... he found problems in my neck and he's gonna try to work on my carple-tunnel wrist while we're fixing up the rest of me. Somthing about bones in my wrist being outta place...
I am so sore now! He bent me in all sorts of different directions. We took x-rays too, and I had to take out the bulk of my body jewlery. That was fun!

I only have 18 hours this week. Not that I care that much. I hate being there, and the less time I spend there, the better. I can't wait to not work there anymore.

Anyone remember Tori? My exteamly slutty ex-best friend? Well, when I logged onto yahoo today I had an offline message from her saying that suddenly she realized what a bad friend she was. WTF? She actaully apologized?!?! What on the gods green earth got into her? Sounds like she's up to something.
Or maybe she's not, and I'm just paraniod cus of all the shit she used to pull in the past.
But, I'm probably right...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The 19th

It's been three months... already? How can this be? It seems like only 2 days ago I was walking down the asile.
I love you, Andrew.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cars are dangerous

Car accident yesturday...
Minor scraps and a dent. Everyone was ok. Well, at least I was. Today my back is killing me. Tried to go home early because of it today. No luck. Thankfully I got someone to cover my shift tomarrow, so I'll have a couple of days to let it rest (since I already have Monday off).
No more writing...
Sleep now...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


...and on a far less depressing note...
Drew just called on his way home from work... he bought BILLY CORGAN TICKETS!!!
For those who don't know (and if you're one of them shame on you) Billy Corgan is the godlike former lead singer for the greatest band to ever exist, The Smashing Pumpkins. I've loved this man since I was 13. I got see SP on their last tour (the very last tour *pout*) back in 2000. I was desperate to see theat show, too. I even bought my ticket for $50 from a scalper.
It's been five years, folks, FIVE YEARS, but I finally get to see my Billy again.
I do, indeed, love Mr. Corgan. But, the only man that tops him on my love list is the one that bought the tickets tonight. My hubby is the bestest!


The news on the net...

I was stlpunk.com the other day, catching up on the latest gossip, cus I haden't been there in ages...
I went to my friend, Jeff's, profile. We went to High School together and knew alot of the same people. On his page there was a picture of his best friend (and my former classmate), Tony. Below the picture were birth and death dates. I went into shock. He died on Febuary the 19th, and this was the first that I'd heard of it.

After some reading I discovered that he commited suicide...
Tony and I rarley talked... after high school we only had a few online interactions. But, I still knew him. It's so unreal...

R.I.P. Tony Bossi

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I didn't even realize that I haden't made any entries for June yet! I know, it's only the thrid, but still...
Anyway, nothing big happening. Andrew and I went with Jessy yesturday to look at the apartment. It was pretty cool. A bit smaller than I expected though.
Watched The Truth About Cats & Dogs today... forgot just how much I love that movie.
I have three days off next week! *w00t*