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Thursday, June 28, 2007


My water's out and I'm going crazy! Called our property managers, and they're calling the water company to see if they're doing anything in the area. Then, if it's not anything with the water company, they're going to call their plumber over.

I'm sweaty, icky, and I can't even brush my teeth... and I still have to go into work tonight.


*eta* I just got a call back from the property managers. The water company turned the water off our building for some strange reason. They'll have it back on asap. I want my water back!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I just haven't felt like doing the whole blog thing lately. Don't know why. Things have been happening, nothing too interesting, tho.

I was off yesturday. I woke up to the cable guys doing something right outside of my bedroom window, so the cable was out for a little while, and the internet was down for even longer (we have our internet and calbe bundled together). I was starting to loose my mind with bordom. So, I ended up doing dishes, painting my fingernails, and putting on makeup (which I hardly ever do). I found myself sitting there thinking "How in the hell did I used to entertain myself before cable and internet? Oh yeah, reading, listening to music, and watching video's.

Sad, huh?

Mom called off from work yesturday becuase of a major headake, but was starting to feel better by mid-afternoon. So, we went on down to Moke's for some food and drinks. I ran into a girl that I used to go to Sunday school with on the way there, so that was pretty cool. We exchanged numbers, so who knows, we might hang out some time.

Then Jess met us at Moke's. Naked Juice was consumed, used movies at Hollywood Video were bought, and my living room and bedroom closet were organized! *gasp* Now we have room for the chair that we bought ages ago and were storing in my in law's basment. Hopefully we'll be getting a couch or a loveseat soon, too.

Since Mike's sorce kinda crapped out on him (he was only able to get two tickets), Jess and I are skipping the Tool concert and letting the boys go. They were more excited about it then we were anyway. Since she and I had already requested Friday off, we're gonna hang out, do some shopping, and clean my apatment more (since Drew's never home to tackle these big projects with me). So, she's gonna pick me up from work tonight and crash over here. We're planning on getting our drink on and watching some dvd's in my newly organized living room. Should be fun!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Job news

Some positive news on the work front... finally!

Keith, the assitant manager in charge of all the front end operations, came up to me today and told me that since I put in for a book keeping position he wanted to interview me. First I was like "What? When did I put in for book keeping? It had to have been ages ago!". But, I know that book keeping is a nice position, so I was more than eager to interview for it.

I think the interview went pretty well and as far as I know, there's only one other person who was interviewed for the position. So, my chances are pretty good that I'm going to get this.

Book keeping would mean:
No more customers
No stupid orange apron
Better hours

I want this sooo badly. Yeah, getting out of HD would be nice, but a full time job would be even nicer.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Finally! A positive entry.

Today has been pretty nice. Jess called me about 11ish to see if I wanted to grab some lunch with her. I totaly did, so she came and picked me up, then we went to Sweet Tomatoes. Yuuuuuum!

After lunch I walked down to the library to return some books. I found a copy of the Ghost World comics, so I checked that out. I loved that movie and have wanted to read the comics for a while.

Got some more Burts Bees lip balm... I'm addicted to that stuff, hehe. I also got a pair of 0g stainless steel eyelets that I ordered in the mail. I love getting stuff in the mail. Woo!

I still need to do some damn dishes and get the trash out, but at least my laundry's done... just need to fold it and put it away. Damn, I'm lazy today!