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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Take this McJob and shove it

This was my LAST DAY of work before the wedding. After today no more McJob for two whole blessed weeks!
We have a photographer now, yay!
All is well in wedding world, and I shall sleep sound tonight.


Monday, March 07, 2005

Cake? Oh, hells yeah, we got cake!

Today was a good day. Woke up, had groggy morning sex, lounged around in bed, had more awake sex, then we set about our day!
Andrew and I were both off work today, so we were running erronds most of the day. We ate "breakfast" (it was really more of a brunch by the time we got up and running!) at the St. Louis Bread Co. (best bagels EVER!), then we went to the bakery to choose a wedding cake.
What a cake we got! A whole whopping $560 worth of wedding cake! Thank the gods my father's paying for that.We also looked for wedding cake toppers, but found nothing! I swear, no one wants to be origional when it comes to wedding cake toppers! So, the search for that shall continue.
We also did laundry and went to the store. I gots a 12 pack of Diet Coke with lime and the new issue of Glamor! Plus, I borrowed Mom's copy of Green Day's "American Idoit", so that's all copied onto the computer.
Today has been a lovely day!


Friday, March 04, 2005

Good hubby, bad depression

I'm actually writing again, yay!I've had some silly things happen that have made me totaly happy.I discovered Diet Coke with Lime... now I'm addicted!
I got my Dresden Dolls cd today. Amanda Palmer is now my new goddess. *drolls*
I have the best hubby ever! I had a really bad night when I got home last night. So, when he picked me up from work (looking frazzled as usual) he says "I have somthing for you". Then, he pulls out a shopping bag with a york peppermint patty, a roll of cookie dough, and a package of instant brownies.When I said "You bought me comphort food!" he replied "Well, you had a bad night last night, and I figured you probably woulden't have the best day today...".Is he the best or what?!?!?
So, why am I still having thoughts such as "You're too selfish, he's gonna figure that out soon"? It sucks, but I know it's the depression trying to sneak back up on me... BAD DEPRESSION! GO AWAY!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So, it's settled. For the honeymoon we're going to.....


Yeah, you heard me. We got a good deal on a room... and as Andrew's mom pointed out, it's not like we're going to be leaving the room or anything. ;-)

Anyways... not much else going on. All the bridesmaids have shoes now!

Eighteen days and counting...