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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Oh yeah...

I am one trendy muthafucka!

60 gig iPod video makes me a happy Von.
...and I got pierced again!!!


Monday, April 24, 2006

Rest in peace, sweet boy

I am crushed. Compleatly and totaly devisted...
Gir died sometime last night... I was playing with him before bed last night and he was acting just fine. He was being he normal, jolly, sweet self.
But when I got up this morning, he was gone. Just laying in the bottom of the cage... I don't even know how long he had been dead before I found him. I am having a really hard time believing this. He was fine last night, what happened? Why so sudden? What happened to my baby? Why coulden't he have waited until I woke up? Was he to stubborn to let me see him in his final moments?
I just can't believe it... Granted, he was two years old, but I swear he was fine just last night. He was even sweet enough to try to cheer me up cus I was in a poopy mood.
God, he was the best little guy. He had so much love to give, and he recieved so much love in return. He would follow me around the bed, you know? I would move, and he'd have to come over and make sure that I was still there. I'll never forget the way he'd burrow under the blankets for hours at a time, coming out every so often to make sure I was still there.
Gods, I am going to miss him so much.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006


So, this no internet at home shit has gotta end. I would kill for a basic, no frills, landline. I can't belive I'm praying for dial up... *sighs*
*stupid-make me want to bash my head in question for the day*
From a girl that I knew back in High School after seeing my myspace page:
"Whats up with all the rats? Don't they have rabies?"
I coulden't even bring myself to dignify that with an answer...


Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It's been so long! Here's whats been going on with me:
-Work, and lots of it!
-Minor car accident, very painful foot injury.
-New rattie boys! Meet
Gabe and Tycho.
new phone will arive for me very shortly.
-Possiable apartment??? I'll update on this later.

...and this is the part of the entry that I was dreading. Close to two weeks ago I lost my little Faye. She was fine one day, then the next, her face was all puffy and she was moving around very slowly. We took her into the vet, and he coulden't find anything wring with her externaly.
Two days later, I woke up to Faye in the bottom of her cage, not moving. I called the vet right away, and they told me to bring her right in. She passed away in the car on the way there. She was only a year old.
The vet offered to do a necropsy for free, so we took him up on that. He found some spots on her liver, which we don't know quite what they were... we could have had tissue samples sent off for testing, but that would have been money that we just can't afford.

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That's Faye on the bottom. I wish I had more pictures of her, but she was such a hyper little thing, and so hard to keep still.